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Shahi Paneer

Are you a foodie eating vegetarian food? Do you like to cook new dishes like me? If your answer is yes, then today we will know how to make Shahi Paneer, the most popular dish made by Paneer.

It is a matter of luck for a person who eats vegetarian food to go to any corner of India, they will easily find this vegetable made by cheese everywhere.

Then whether he has gone to a wedding, a party or a birthday party. If there is no Shahi-Paneer there is no fun with “Naan and Rice”.

Before knowing the recipe of Shahi Paneer, it is necessary for you to know why and how Shahi Paneer was named Shahi Paneer. So let’s first know the answer to this question.

Earlier, during the time of the Mughals, this dish was named ‘Shahi Paneer’ about 300 years ago, because at that time it was eaten only by the royal people.

That is, we can say that this food was invented by the Mughals and the Mughals used to eat it and since then it was named Shahi-Paneer.

If after today someone asks you why the name of Shahi Paneer was named Shahi Paneer, now perhaps you will answer without thinking.

Let’s go ahead now and know what ingredients you must have for the recipe of Shahi Paneer, so that you can make delicious Shahi Paneer at home.

400 grams Paneer chopped
4 to 5 chopped onions and tomatoes
4 to 5 teaspoons Ghee
4 small cardamom
Red Chilli (2 teaspoons)
Cumin seeds, coriander (1 teaspoon)
Salt to taste
Four teaspoons tomato puree
Half a cup of cream
If you do not have any of the ingredients mentioned above, then quickly pick up the purse and go to the market and bring the same so that you can make delicious Shahi Paneer.

Now that you have managed all the ingredients, let’s go ahead and know the method of making Shahi Paneer, so let’s start: –

How To Make Shahi Paneer in Hindi – Shahi Paneer Recipe
Friends, here we will understand step by step how to make Shahi Paneer: –

step 1.

First of all, add 4 to 5 tablespoons of ghee in the pan and heat it. When the ghee gets slightly hot, add 4 chopped onions in it and heat it for 2 minutes till the color of the onion turns brown.

Step 2.

Now you put peeled black and green cardamoms in it and mix it well with onion, then cover it for 3-4 minutes.

Step 3.

When it is 4 minutes, remove the lid from the frying pan and fry it for a while. When the color of the onion turns golden brown, then cut 5 tomatoes and mix it well.

Step 4.

Now you have to add spices to it, which is as follows: –

Red chili powder 2 teaspoons
Cumin (cumin) 1 tsp
Coriander powder, 1 tsp
4 teaspoons (you can also add as per taste)
Now mix all these spices well and cover it and let it cook on low gas for 5 to 7 minutes.

When it is 5 minutes, remove the Deccan and again mix the spices well and then put the Deccan over it again and cook again for 5 minutes.

Step 5.

When your tomatoes, onions, and all other spices are cooked well, then you turn off the gas and take it out in a blender and mix it well.

Step 6.

After mixing the shahi paneer masala, you put 4 teaspoons of ghee in the fry-peng and add the shahi paneer masala inside the ghee that we had mixed in the mixer. Now cover it and let it cook for 4-5 minutes on a low flame.

Step 7.

When your Shahi masala is well heated, add 4 teaspoons of tomato puree to it and mix and cover it for 5 minutes and let it heat up.

Step 8.

Now your royal grabi is ready, now you have to cut 400 grams of paneer in it and cover it again, and heat it for 5 minutes.

Step 9.

Now you have to add half a glass of cream and stir well the spoon and let it cook on low gas for 5 minutes.

Step 10.

When the cream is mixed well for 5 minutes, then you turn off the gas and take out the Shahi Paneer on a plate and eat it with rice and naan.

Note: Friends, in this article here, the recipe and recipe of Shahi Paneer, which I have told you, is told according to 4 to 5 plates, so if you want to make it for more people, then you can increase onion, tomato, spices.

Now it seems to me that you have come to make Shahi Paneer, if you still have any questions related to Indian cuisine or Shahi Paneer, you can ask it in the comment box.

If you have any experience related to your own Shahi Paneer and want to share it with us, then you can comment below
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