Learn to make delicious Chole Kulchas

Chole Kulchas

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about the easiest method of making Chole Kulchas.

Today you will learn the method of making different Chulch Kulchas without any problem.

You will learn how to make Chole Kulchas and hope that you will not find an easy way to make Chole Kulchas anywhere else.

How to make Amritsari Chole Kulchas?
Making chickpeas is not a big deal, so don’t worry, maybe you don’t know that chickpeas of Delhi are famous all over India.

People have liked this dish very much, people like this dish so much that they make it in their homes on the next day.

Chole Kulche is very famous in Delhi. Do not find anything everywhere, you get Chole Kulchas because they get ready very quickly.

It does not take much time to make chickpeas. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes if all things are ready.

It may take a little time to make chickpeas, because if you make it in your house it may take a little time.

Ingredients required to make Chole Kulchas – Recipe for Chole Kulchas
Chole Kulchas are the best and cheap, which is very enjoyable to make and eat, anyone can easily make this dish anywhere.

The ingredients required to make chickpeas are easily available in the market. The search for essential material is not a big discovery, you will find a lot of things in your kitchen.

There is no harm of any kind by eating chickpeas, it does not add oil to it.

Oil is harmful to the human body, yes! If you talk about Chole Bhature instead of Chole Kulcha, then there is nothing without oil in it.

The taste of chickpeas is according to your taste, if you want it you can make it spicy. Kulchas can also be given to children and can be sent in lunch boxes.

Chickpeas are good for eating, which small children can eat easily. It is made and sold in hotels etc.

These dishes are made in different ways in every state, that is their method.

Amritsari Chole Kulche Recipe – Recipe of Chole Kulche
The ingredients required to make the Chole Kulche recipe are as follows.

A bowl of “maida”
Baking Powder: Half a teaspoon
Baking Soda: Half a teaspoon
Mango powder: About half a teaspoon
Chaat Masala: 2 teaspoons
Sweet Soda: Half a teaspoon
Water as required
Coriander leaves: half cup (as per need)
Sugar: One teaspoon
Salt: As per taste
Yogurt: Three-fourth cup
Butter: As required
Peas (dry): 1 cup
Lemon juice: 4 tablespoons
Turmeric Powder: 4 teaspoons
2-3 Tomatoes: Finely chopped
Onion: 1-2 finely chopped
1-2 green chilies chopped
Red chili ”finely ½ teaspoon
Prepare all these ingredients to make Chole Kulchas and you will be fully prepared to make a delicious meal.

In a few easy words, we will teach you how to make Chole-Kulache. So come, now we teach how to make Chole Kulchas.

How to make Chole Kulche in Hindi at home
# 1. Take refined flour in a bowl, then add baking soda, baking powder, salt, yogurt, and sugar to the flour and add a little water. Not too much, nor less according to your taste, and then knead it like flour.

When the dough becomes slightly soft, cover it with a plate and keep it for 1½-2 hr for about two hours from dead.

#2. Now it is time to prepare the chickpeas. We have to take dry peas as per need.

Put the dry peas in the cooker with water. Dry peas are to be kept for 5-6 hours till the peas become slightly soft.

After a given time, add a little water, salt, food soda to the peas and boil it. Deccan opened after 4-5 cities.

# 3. After opening the lid, press or mash all the peas with a spoon or with a ladle and after some time, the peas will start to thicken.

Once the chickpeas are thick, you can take them out in another vessel.

# 4. Then collect all the ingredients as mentioned and start further work.

Finely chop onions, tomatoes, green chilies, red chilies, chaat masala, mango powder, and coriander leaves as per your taste. Add salt, lemon and mix well.

# 5. Chole is ready, now let us see what the condition of the fine flour is.

After 1½-2 hours, you will mash the refined flour and the refined flour will be smooth and give shape according to your preferred shape.

First of all, we will change the flour into a dough-like small big one.

# 6. Then stick green coriander in fine flour and roll it into a log shape. After rolling the flour dough, apply water on one side of it. Keep in mind that there should not be too much water so that the flour does not burn down.

# 7. Flour is soft, fear of burning is high, so water is applied.

# 8. After heating the pan a little bit, it will turn upside down so that the upper part which did not have water will stick on the pan.

# 9. After the kulcha is hot, you can put ghee or butter on the pan as you feel right. Now your chickpeas are ready.

Friends, learn how to know when your household members get angry with you and you have to cook your own food.

You can make them happy again by eating this delicious, if your family members eat kulchas left from your hands, then its enjoyment is different.

If you like the recipe of Chole Kulcha, then you can share this dish of Chole Kulcha among your friends. Chole Kulchas must have been eaten a lot, now you can make such delicious food at your home.

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