If rice becomes wet, then in 3 minutes make these blossoming rice in minutes

If rice becomes wet, then in 3 minutes make these blossoming rice in minutes

If you make some mistakes while cooking rice that makes it wet, try the three kitchen tips mentioned here and make rice flavored. Whenever you make rice, it melts a lot, and its taste starts to become dull? If you make rice in a cooker or a bhajan or rice cooker, then even rice feeding does not become better? While working in the kitchen, many such mistakes spoil food taste—sometimes more salt in food, sometimes less sugar in halwa.

One of such mistakes is the excessive melting of rice while cooking rice. If rice is to be eaten with lentils, then the melted rice also tastes good. But what will you do if your biryani or fried rice is overcooked? Yes, in this article, we will tell you some of the tricks of making rice in the perfect way, which will make your rice feeding and double its taste.

Water is the right way.

The most important thing to cook rice is the right amount of water. When we add water without any calculation while preparing rice, it becomes wet after cooking. Whether you make rice in the cooker or the banana, it is necessary to have the right amount of water. For the amount of water, all you have to keep in mind is that if you are cooking rice in the bhava, you have to take twice the amount of rice. For example, if you are taking one bowl of rice, add two water bowls and cook the rice. Also, if you are cooking rice in a cooker, you have to take one and a half times the amount of rice. Put one and a half bowl of water in a bowl of rice and cook the rice. If you take care of this amount of water, then rice or biryani will always be bland.

Use of lemon juice

To make rice, when you add water and rice to the pot, add lemon juice (store it for a long time) and a pinch of salt and cover the pot and let the rice cook. Keep in mind that if you are making rice in the cooker, after one whistle, slow down the gas for 5 minutes and let the rice cook on slow gas. If you are making rice in the banana, reduce the flame to a boil and cover the rice and let it cook. If you think that the lemon juice will make the rice look sour and yellow, it is not. Instead, lemon juice will make rice more white, edible, and full of flavor.

Use of Ghee or Butter

You will also make rice, and the most important thing is to wash the rice thoroughly with water at least 4-5 times. The excess rice will be removed from the rice and due to the lowering of the rice on cooking. The rice will be fed. Apart from this, to make rice (such as rice without cooker) ideally, it is essential that whenever you put rice in a vessel to cook, give a spoonful of ghee or butter dal to it. Use a certain amount of water for cooking and allowing the rice to cook. After cooking, rice will be eaten – its aroma will also spread throughout the house, and its taste will be doubled.

All these tricks I try in my kitchen myself, and these tricks make biryani or rice all blossom and full of flavor. You can also increase the taste of rice by adopting these three tricks.

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