Gajar ka halwa – Sweet and Delicious


The most popular sweet carrot pudding for winter and weddings. Which people in India and outside India like this sweet very much.

If there is any wedding or reception and there is no carrot pudding in it, then there is no enjoyment of marriage.

Many people have their own way of making pudding and they all make very tasty pudding. But there are some people who do not know how to make pudding.

They just keep searching on the internet to see how carrot pudding is made. So to solve the problem of all of them, I have written this article.

In this article, you have been told step-by-step ways about how to make carrot pudding, which you will read below.

First of all, let me tell you about the Gajar ka halwa recipe in Hindi, what are the similar things you will need to make this sweet. So let’s get started. ”

How is Carrot Pudding Made?
Gajar ka halwa in Hindi recipe which is coming in front of you, make a good note of it on a paper so that whenever you start making this sweet, you already know everything.

2 KG Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe in Hindi
2 kg carrot (carrot)
500 grams khoya
300 grams
½ liter milk
2 tablespoons fine ghee
50 gms chopped almonds
50 grams of chopped cashews
50 grams (raisins)
5-6 cardamom
This was the recipe, I hope you have taken this recipe out on some paper. Now we will know that Gajar ka halwa. So let’s start.

How to Make Gajar Ka Halwa.
First of all, grate all the carrots (meaning cut them well).

Now when all your carrots are well crushed, then after that you put a cauldron on the gas and put all the chopped carrots in it.

When you put all the carrots in the pan, then you cook it well. You cook it until the carrot water is dry.

When the carrot water becomes lightly dry, then you put half 1/2 liter milk in it and cook it on high heat till the milk dries up.

When carrot is about to be cooked in milk, then grind 4-5 cardamom and put it in it. It takes time to dry the milk. Till the milk is dry in the carrots, then you make the khoya.

Now when carrots start to cook and milk becomes dry in it, then you put sugar in it. Now mix the carrots and sugar well and allow it to cook well.

When you add sugar to the carrot and mix it, water comes out of the carrot and it takes some time for the water to dry. So let the water dry properly.

Now when you feel that the water has reduced and the carrots have absorbed the sugar, then after that mix the mawa (khoya) in it and stir it well and let it cook.

When the khoya in the carrots is well mixed, add 2 tablespoons of country ghee to it. Finally, add dry food to it and stir well.

Now your carrot pudding is completely cooked. All of you must make it in your home and share it with all the family members and eat it. If you like this recipe, then tell us by commenting and share this recipe with your loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Google+.

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